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Add the Interactive PDF of
"Into His Marvelous Light"
to your website.

Plus, as a bonus, you'll receive banner artwork to add to your website to advertise the Bible study.

  1. Completely fill out the form below, including the website on which the Bible study will be hosted.
  2. After hitting "SUBMIT" you will be sent a link within a few hours to access the interactive IHML Bible Study and website artwork.
    (Note: Please fill out the form completely. Incomplete information may preclude us
    from providing the link.)
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BY CLICKING SUBMIT YOU AGREE that neither you nor anyone affiliated with your church, business, or website will download the study for printing purposes. This study is for internet use only and is strictly prohibited from being downloaded and printed for the purpose of reproduction. Doing so is in violation of applicable copyright laws. Furthermore, you agree that the study will be hosted only on the website indicated above.




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