About Us

I’m Galen Walters, the Publisher and co-author of “Into His Marvelous Light.” IHML is the culmination of three men from different backgrounds and places, inspired by God, with a unified vision for a one-hour Bible Study. In 1987, an unlikely meeting between Al Gossan, Kirk Bates and I took place at the Royalwood Pentecostal Church in Houston Texas. With the blessings of Pastor Ron Macey, we embarked upon the tedious, sometimes painful, endeavor of developing this Bible study. Until that time the only one-on-one evangelism tools available were “tracts” or multi-week in-home studies. We felt a great need for this onehour concept and knew that it had to be simple, digestible, and well designed. 

To test our theory, we started working as a team to simultaneously create the text, form and format. It wasn’t a simple process or one without bruises. Al and Kirk were respected evangelists. I was a business executive and teacher. Though we were from very different cultures and backgrounds (each of us were very headstrong and determined to do things our way), God always intervened, and we were reminded that it was all about His way. We launched the study by testing it weekly between versions produced my first Apple Macintosh in my home in Houston. We had people receive the gift of the Holy Ghost almost weekly as we worked to refine the study. Each week we tweaked it to make it work a bit better. The next week we would teach it again, then tweak, etc. It was quite the process but one of the most exciting and fulfilling times of my life. 

Today, Into His Marvelous Light has published and sold over 3 million studies printed copies and is currently on over 900 church websites globally. And the monies from the sale of studies have gone back into the production and distribution of more studies. That has been the model and will remain so. In 2021 we became a 501c3 non-profit organization so we could get others involved in helping us translate the study into as many languages as possible. Today we are in 20 languages and are in the process of translations into Latvian, French (updated design) and Swedish. We know secondhand that it has also been reproduced in Lugandan (Uganda) and Italian, but we do not have copies of either.  

Today, we sell English and Spanish printed versions in the KJV and NIV, the door tract, as well as Guide For Living (English), the follow on study for new converts.  

Thank you for visiting Into His Marvelous Light. Our desire is that this study will be a successful integral part of your outreach efforts. 

Note: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sis Roffie Ensey for her tireless work to manage IHML’s distribution and printing for over 20 years. She has been wonderful to work with and has shouldered the burden for the distribution for these many years. We are officially moving the distribution to Brenham Texas July 2021.  

Globaltracts.com has many of the translations that have been done by missionaries over the years on their site and accessible through our site on our front page toward the bottom where it says “View Translations”. Over time, our goal is to transition as many of these translations into the IHML graphical format. Most of the studies on the Global tract site were translated without permission and without our knowledge. We do not encourage that but also want to be sensitive to the Word of God getting to as many people as possible. We do everything we can to protect the copyright within reason. We ask that you please respect it.